A Big Thank You for a Special Event at Elkus Ranch

By Tim Stephenson

Barn party at Elkus Ranch

All of us in Fret & Fiddle had a great time playing for Virginia's send off at Elkus Ranch last Friday. None of us can say it any better than Leslie, "Best gig venue ever:)" 

A big thanks to Kathleen and all the folks at Elkus Ranch for organizing and including us. The food was great, the dancing was fun, and we hope you enjoyed the music. All the best to Virginia in her future endeavors.

New sheep friends at Elkus RanchThere was some concern that the animals might be disturbed if we were too loud. We played just as we always do, complete with Dave's "stick it down" at the end of the Irish Washerwoman / Blackthorn Stick set, and they didn't seem phased a bit. Liane got a great video of the horses dancing at the end of the Foggy Dew / Pigeon on the Gate / Pigeon on the Gate set. Apparently they had some fun when we weren't looking. And, no I didn't stutter, we do a version of Pigeon on the Gate from Donegal, Ireland as well as a Scottish version of the tune. See the video here.

Elkus Ranch Environmental Education Center provides unique hands-on learning experiences for Bay Area children. Staff facilitate hands-on opportunities for children to explore the processes of producing food and fiber in day and overnight ranch tours, nutrition programs, community service days and special events. Visit their web site to learn more.

And thanks to Kathleen for sharing this video too.

Just because we can't help ourselves, Leslie, Dave and I went over to San Benito house for a little fireside session afterwards. You never know who will be there. This time we met a fun guy, Gar, from Ireland, now in Half Moon Bay, who couldn't believe he happened on some traditional music. He had planned to go to It's Italia but was happy to hear Irish music. He said we sounded legit to boot. Huzzah!

We made several new friends and look forward to seeing them all this coming Friday at Hop Dogma.