Fun Times at HMB Wine and Cheese

By Tim Stephenson

Fret and Fiddle at HMB Wine and Cheese

We had our first opportunity to play at Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese, last Saturday, September 15. A big thanks to Stephanie and everyone for being so friendly and welcoming. We played two sets, and got to taste a couple of great wines. The Fogline Pinot and the Malbec were both superb.

Dave and Julie Singing Cripple CreekFor those of you who don't know, HMB Wine and Cheese supports local musicians with their music series on Saturday evenings. Stop in, hear some live music, and enjoy tasting some great wines. They have over 60 wines available for tasting, and the staff can give you great advice on choices. You can also get great cheese plates to accompany your tasting.

I always feel slightly guilty when we play, because I get to have so much fun. Keep an eye on our events to see when we play here again. We're working out some dates now.

And a big thank you to friends old and new, locals and those from over the hill, who come to hang out and listen for the evening.