A Hoppy Friday to Remember at Hop Dogma

By Tim Stephenson

Fret & Fiddle at Hop Dogma

I had a choice earlier this evening. Watch a movie, or write about what a great time we had at Hop Dogma last Friday. As it turns out, I needed a little inspiration, so I watched the movie, and now I'm writing in the wee hours.

I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but we have so much fun playing music that every time we play, I can't help but say, "wow, that was awesome fun." Throw that in with a great brewery like Hop Dogma, and boom! A fun time for all. We had an awesome turn out, the bar was packed to the the gills with old and new friends. Thanks to everyone for coming by to cheer us on. It was great to see lots of familiar faces. Also a big thanks to Len and everyone at Hop Dogma for providing great service, the best beer on the coast, and the perfect atmosphere for traditional Irish and bluegrass music in Half Moon Bay.

We played three sets that were just shy of an hour each. We got off to bit of a rocky start working with the sound system in a small space with lots of ambient noise, but once we got things ironed out, it was terrific. Maybe next time we can work out the arrangement of furniture and speakers so that Rob isn't banished to the corner by himself. I hope you didn't feel like you'd been sent to the Stool of Repentance Rob. We just wanted to play it, we didn't want make you live it. Check out the fun medley video that Rob and Liane put together to commemorate our session. A swell time was had by all, and we're looking forward to playing there again soon. Hmmm, is "swell" too old fashioned? Such a great word, but I don't think I've heard it since the Leave it to Beaver show.

If you're not familiar with it, Hop Dogma Brewing Company is a artisan brewery located in the coastal town of El Granada, CA. They started off as a “hobby business” that two friends, Dan Littlefield and Ethan Martini, thought would be a fun way to share their love of beer with friends. Like the name suggests, Hop Dogma specializes in hop forward IPAs, Pale Ales, and Imperial styles of beer. However, they love making pilsners, sours, stouts, porters, ambers, roggenbier, and just about any other style that one can imagine. Check out their web site for more information.

A Short Digression to Captain Fantastic

OK, now I have to say something about the movie that made me procrastinate. Captain Fantastic with Viggo Mortenson, is about a family living off the grid somewhere in the Northwest. Apparently I don't pay close enough attention to such things. Suffice it to say it's a whole lot greener than here. The kids are all home schooled, very well educated and informed, but perhaps a bit socially awkward. After demonstrating how well they manage without any modern conveniences, tragedy strikes. I won't give too much away, but will say that it was beautifully filmed, well written, and thought provoking. At the end, the family does an inspired acoustic version of the Guns 'N Roses song, Sweet Child O' Mine. Performed by the actors, Viggo Mortensen, George MacKay, Samantha Isler, Annalise Basso, Nicholas Hamilton, Kirk Ross and Philip Klein. For me it was worth it just for that.