Tim Stephenson (fiddle)

Tim Stephenson (fiddle)

Tim stephenson

I'm a designer turned software engineer by trade, and I've always loved music. I first played piano, but then became intrigued by trombone when I saw a demo by a teacher in elementary school. I joined the school band soon after that and played in both concert and jazz bands through high school. And, yes, I wore a funny uniform and did my best to march in time. In high school, I also became interested in guitar and played in a couple bands through college.

After college, I noodled around on my guitar here and there, but didn't really play much for quite some time. 

I've always been interested in Celtic and traditional American music, and started playing guitar and bass with guitarist Dave DeLang. Being the curious type, in 2010 I decided to give the violin a try and continued to torture Dave while I figured it out. I later joined the Coastside Community Orchestra where I met Leslie and Julie, and we had the opportunity to play some Celtic and bluegrass tunes for the 30th anniversary celebration. We've been playing together as Fret & Fiddle ever since.

Around the same time, I started taking lessons and putting more effort into learning. For the last couple of years, I attended the Silver Apple Scottish Fiddle School where I've had the pleasure of getting instruction from some great fiddlers like Rebecca Lomnicky and Colyn Fischer. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend it. A life-changing experience. 

I also play with the Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers, along with Leslie, and I'm continuing my violin studies. Playing music is my happy place, and I always look forward to gigs and rehearsals.