Lynn Markwell (jumbo fiddle)

Lynn Markwell (jumbo fiddle)

Lynn markwell

Music is the theme that runs throughout my life. My parents were passionate about music and all three of their children played at least one instrument. Having already taught myself to play the piano, I learned the string bass in eighth grade, and performed with orchestras and even a bluegrass group through high school and college. I continue to also play the guitar and a bit of cello. My husband, Michael, and I met in 1971 while playing music.

Life happened and I did not touch the bass after college until the mid-1980s when I joined the Coastside Community Orchestra and had to re-learn it. Later, I also played with the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra for a decade.

In 2000, I became head of the highly regarded, performance-oriented, classically based Yehudi Menuhin Music Program at the Nueva School in Hillsborough after working in the program since 1994. I was responsible for the music education of every child from pre-K to eighth grade and the faculty of 22 renowned, performing, instrumental and classroom music teachers. It was a dream job. I watched children learn to read music, sing in choirs and grow into fine musicians. Many are currently performing on a professional level.

In March 2016, I surprised Leslie’s husband and played with Fret & Fiddle for his birthday. He had been nudging me to play with them for a couple of years and, after all, we live just two houses away. It was fun. It was a LOT of fun and so different from my work with orchestras. I was soon hooked! I love the spirit of the members of Fret & Fiddle and learning about the history of the music. Did I mention I am having fun?

The theme continues into the next generation as our son is in the music industry.